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Whether you feel helpless trying to tackle problems that have arisen with your dog, or you want to get ahead with puppy training from the very start, the relationship you wish for with your dog is waiting for you.

Dog training doesn’t have to be hard work.

When you ditch demands and commands and choose mutual respect and understanding, you and your dog will be paving an awesome path for a wonderfully happy future together.

Find your way to cooperative co-existence & watch your relationship thrive

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About Me

Hi, I’m Rachael!

Consider me your trusty mediator, here to help you and your dog foster a mutual understanding that makes life better for the both of you. I don’t take sides and I don’t judge.

I’m here to help you and your dog communicate clearly with one another, so you can thrive side by side in harmony.


“Calm, patient and extremely knowledgable!”

I highly recommend Rachael she is calm, patient and extremely knowledgable.

She has a really warm, kind nature that made me feel relaxed and able to benefit massively from our sessions.

We have a very reactive little pup and it has given me the tools and confidence to now continue on progressing through his journey and apply it to real-life scenarios. Without these sessions, I would still be massively frustrated and be struggling to establish a better understanding of what our little man needs! Thank you, we’ve learnt so much


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Based on 18 reviews
Penny Junor
Penny Junor
I wish I had discovered Rachael years ago. She is a fantastic trainer and a lovely human being. Training is fun and funny - she is as kind and patient with the owners as she is to the dogs! I can't recommend her highly enough.
Wendi Eyles
Wendi Eyles
Storm has now completed the 8 week course with Rachael, although still challenging he is definitely better due to the techniques Rachael has taught least he listens most of the time. He is enjoying the additional brain stimulation exercises which are helping him to stay focused. Thank you Racheal for all your help, patience, advice and expert guidance, this has been invaluable and the future now looks brighter for all of us. Looking forward to other sessions in the future.
pat oborn
pat oborn
Rachael helped me with my 19 month old GSD Arko. I had fractured my kneecap and he was pulling me too much. Rachael had a very good interaction with Arko. She explained very clearly what I had to do and was very patient with both of us. Arko is much better now. I will be calling on her again as Arko is now obsessed with one dog we walk with and keeps pulling towards him. I am happy to recommend Rachael very highly.
Jen Webb
Jen Webb
Rachael is absolutely fantastic. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her twice with my 2 year old German Shepherd. For 6 months I rarely walked him alone as he can be reactive on the lead (off lead, absolutely fine!) Since working with Rachael, I took Dexter out for a 1hr walk by myself and it was an absolute pleasure. Rachael really understands the dogs body language and helps you to learn how to get the best from your dog. I knew Dexter wasn’t the problem - me and my partner were! Rachael is always on hand for any questions we may have and I feel so much more confident with Dexter. Cannot recommend Rachael enough!
shirley Westall
shirley Westall
I took our 10 month old lab, Bramble, to Rachael as I had problems catching Bramble after a walk. It wasn't that she wouldn't come back, just not close enough and long enough to attach a lead. Very quickly Rachael gave me the tools to use, including a new cue word. Now we have enjoyable walks without the stress of worrying if I can catch Bramble when I need to put her on the lead. Bramble will check in with her cue even with the distraction of other dogs.
Alex Shipman
Alex Shipman
Rachael really is such a fab trainer. We first had puppy classes for our rescue pup Daley where he learnt real fundamentals such as recall, leave it and settle. We really wanted a trainer that focuses on positive reward which is exactly what Rachael does. We returned back to Life Skills classes a few weeks ago and he is coming on leaps and bounds. Improving every day with his lead walking and recall. I would recommend Forseti for those looking for a positive and rewarding experience! Daley is a thriving and happy pup, who is also just obsessed with Rachael and her yummy treats!! Thank you again for everything.
Phil Wells
Phil Wells
Rachael provided us with lots of tools to help our German shepherd with on and off lead training. It worked and the recall off the lead went from 0% success to 70/80% in the first 2 weeks. 😎 The classes are also fun, hank made friends and although sometimes stressfull (dogs fault) Rachel made it easy. The classroom is filled with stuff and distractions it's a great place to be with your dog. In addition classes always ran over with no charge and time was spent discussing foods, harnesses, toys and all matters dog related at our request but that never held back the learning each week. Rachael loves her job and is good at it. The training works I highly recommend. Phil and Kirsty
Mark Prestidge
Mark Prestidge
We can thoroughly recommend contacting Rachael if you are having any behavioural issues with your dog. Our retriever Phoebe, had issues with getting too excited when visitors came to the house, she pulled on the lead during walking and forgot her usually good recall when she came across something that was more interesting than us! After just four sessions with Rachael, we made an enormous amount of progress. Rachael taught us, how to teach Phoebe to stop her antisocial activities. We continue to train her using our new skill set. She was a generally good girl before we started the training and now she is almost perfect. Thank you Rachael
Hev Adams
Hev Adams
Worked with Rachael with basic training for my 6m German Shepherd Karma. Rachael was understanding of my pup whom is "lead frustrated" around other dogs. Taking this into consideration and providing advice on how to help calm her when she is over excited. We are looking forward to working with Rachael further.
Denita Sandhu
Denita Sandhu
Rachael was recommended to us by a few very trustworthy friends and I'm not going to lie she has changed our lives! We had a 14 month old GSD who was the loveliest pup but had no lead manners and struggled to focus and who also loved to chew my partner... Rachael worked around our schedule and even after the first session there were HUGE improvements! Our lead walking was a chore, either I'd be being pulled around or we'd have Jäger on a head harness and he was just disengaged, either way at least one of us was very very unhappy every time we went out. In such a short amount of time Rachael taught us how to engage Jäger and tap into his potential and with some simple rules we've moved on to really impressive lead walking and not a head harness in sight! We love taking him out for walks now and he is really reaping the rewards! We can trust him to pay attention when we go out, and we've been taking him to more and more places to explore as he is now so good on the lead! We have also been off leading him because the recall practice that Rachael gave us was epic! We honestly cannot thank Rachael enough, as cliché as it sounds she had changed our lives!! 5 stars isn't enough!


“Helps you build an amazing bond with your dog!”

Rachel is a very patient and kind trainer who reinforces with positive rewards. Focusing on helping you build that amazing bond with your dog.

Thankfully she also has a sense of humour (needed with my dog!) She taught us techniques to improve his recall and not pulling on walks which really helped. I would recommend Rachael without hesitation

Learn how to get the best from your dog

Our dogs have evolved over thousands of years and the relationship between [hu]man and dog is like no other.

We have bred specific traits and created multiple breeds – my role is to help you understand these so that you can use them to motivate your dog, strengthen your relationship and co-exist in happy harmony together.

I don’t believe in simply telling dogs what to do and when to do it. I believe in you and your dog being equally involved in the process, through playing games and learning together.

The games that you will learn will shape your dog’s brain, developing real skills for real-life situations. And to top it off, your dog will love you for it… Now that’s cool stuff, isn’t it?

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